All nurses dating doctors

But when both partners are in the medical profession, it's virtually impossible.

1. They have crazy hours

Conversations center on patients, surgeries, an exciting diagnosis, or sometimes a patient's death. Let's be honest - who really wants to talk about bowel movements and splenectomies over a romantic dinner?

  • 2. You get the looks, gossip, and questions.
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If you date an intern or resident, you can expect cheap dates, small gifts, and a lot of nights watching movies at home. Residents get minimal flexibility with their schedules. Switches require planning and massive amounts of bargaining.

The majority of the time, the doctor has to give up holidays or multiple weekends to get a specific night off. Residents are allowed approximately four weeks of vacation in a scheduled year. This time is used to catch up on their own medical appointments, reconnect with family and friends that have been neglected, and more importantly - sleep!

Just recently started dating a doctor and want to take a romantic tropical vacation together? There is a surgical resident that has been flirting with me for the past couple of weeks. Is it ok for nurses to date doctors? I wouldn't for the sole reason if you started getting serious and he was still going to be rotating through your unit and things didn't work out it could be akward for you and he.

6 Reasons Nurses Shouldn't Date Doctors

However, when has logic had anything to do with these matters? I agree with PurpleRN. However, make sure he isn't married. You wouldn't want to be involved in a workplace scandal. Some have a happy ending, some don't.

So if he is of quality character and sincere, go for it. If he's a dog If I can find a doctor babe that likes short dumpy guys with a beer belly and a coat of hair a bear would be jealous of, I would date her in a heart beat. One of my former co-workers started dating one of the first year residents we have a family practice residency program at my hospital and they pretty much kept it on the downlow until they were serious, only they didn't really let on how serious they were until they had eloped!! He's in his 3rd year now, and she transferred to cath lab.

They are both deliriously happy, and they will have beautiful kiddies! But I saw they interact pretty regularly both when they weren't dating, they were dating and few people knew, and after they got married and they kept it VERY professional. Only if I could find a hottie male dr that likes short, fat, dumpy women with sarcastic attitudes, I would too!!! My poor hubby wouldn't stand a chance! There is no respect when you go to gatherings and your girlfriend and her friends are apparently belittling you for being a nursing student.

The other problem is you are there in the "boxing ring" and just allowing them to smack you and you taking punches. I don't know how long you been a nursing student but nurses basically run the care of the patients. The doctors in reality know very little. Step your game up and be proud and put those fools in their place. Nurses need to put up with a lot more and have a lot more knowledge that doctors ever have and don't let them tell you other wise. You have a choice Be proud to be a nurse or go to medical school and be miserable.

I agree that OP should be proud to be a nurse and shouldn't tolerate people putting down his chosen profession. However, there's a better way than your mindset of us vs them. Everyone has a role to play in medicine, let's not poo poo everyone else.

Well I dont know anything about medicine, i'm just a student. I was referring to his girls "circle" of doc friends, not all doctors. There are some very friendly ones indeed. Reading everyone's response to the OP, it seems that everyone missed the fact that he is slightly joking about the post in the beginning. But, he has the courage to admit this so its not as much a problem.

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Its a problem when we hold it inside and let it poison our relationships and pretend that everything is ok. The OP is having fun with the situation, but I don't feel from the post he feels negative about the path he is on.

He says he is on the right path and has a chance to connect with and help patients in ways that Doctors may not have the chance to. This shows a person who is self aware and connected to their values, beliefs, and how one can impact someone else's life. I applaud you for your courage to admit how you are truly feeling and to not let what anyone else thinks of you stop you on your journey.

Your girlfriend seems to be an awesome young lady and if she has that opinion of nurses I think its fine because she is being true to herself as long as its done in a respectful manner. I don't believe its true maybe not just the rigors of MD school but difficulty of getting in, having a low GPA, not testing well to pass MCATS, having to move to another state, the time to just get started its not just 4 years, the huge financial burden of medical school, the burden of being an MD running own practice, liability.

I can understand how hard it may feel, where the male ego is we need to be in the top profession and have the power.

The myth of nurses dating doctors

I have had the same thoughts, but in the end professions don't really matter as long as you enjoy what you do and make income and have time for yourself and family then thats all that will matter. It also depends on how you were raised and who you were surrounded by that encourages you on what you wanted to be for a career. If you two enjoy your time with each other and have the time to hang out then its worth it but if she spends majority of the time working and have no social life then you are the winner my friend.

If I was dating a doctor I'd start learning how to cook and clean. I'd ride that train to the station. A little late to this, but posting anyhow. My spouse is a physician, and as such many of our friends are her fellow doctors.

all nurses dating doctors All nurses dating doctors
all nurses dating doctors All nurses dating doctors
all nurses dating doctors All nurses dating doctors
all nurses dating doctors All nurses dating doctors
all nurses dating doctors All nurses dating doctors

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