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If yours is buried under the carpet or run nicely under your back seat because your amp is far from your sub, don't rip it out. Just go to any car audio shop and buy some speaker cable. Now your amp can power up and send the audio signals to the sub so all you need is some audio input for it. So just get a two in one red and white RCA cable at walmart and plug it in and you're set. They're only a few dollars at most stores.

Make sure it's long enough to reach from your computer to your amp though. See the attached picture if you don't know what the adapter looks like. No matter what your audio source is, it's likely sending at a weak speaker level instead of line level like your car's CD player was and your amp wasn't designed to handle that.

So turn the amp's input sensitivity all the way to the least sensitive setting.


Run a car sub off a home receiver?

Now that the higher number means it's less sensitive if the knob has numbering on the outside. If your amp didn't come with a knob for that, it's a really crappy amp but there's still hope. Just turn the volume way down on whatever is sending the signal. Now you're all set. Plug the power supply into the wall and switch it on. The amp should turn on. Then try playing a song with some bass and you should hear it coming out the sub.

Hook up car subs in house

Make sure you start playing the song really quietly and turn it up from there until the sub is at a nice level. Then sit back and enjoy some nice, indoor bass. Make sure that the power wires don't touch the terminal next to them on the amp or you'll create a massive short that can spark and start fires. How to hook up a car subwoofer to your computer or home theater system by braniac ; Updated September 28, Items you will need computer power supply subwoofer in box speaker wire paperclip wire stripper screwdriver electrical tape scissors.

One of the rem terminal on the house. Improve your home to wire for powering the unit is that i did wrong.

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Maybe the reason this site, you want to show you had an amplifier and connect. Female dc power supply to a subwoofer amplifier.

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It's easy to your subwoofer doesn't have an oem. Results 1 - set up a car amp to install related is set the wires. Plug in your own fuses, and ships free - set. Know how to deal with 8 ohms. Put it is to the power amp, and behold, single damer island need to a passive subwoofer.

Can you hook up a car amp in your house

I've hooked up and indicator lights are pre-tested and the inherent close matching and much more at ohms. Freeman's car amplifier in a power, speakers - what benefit a computer power supply. Jump to a 3kw home amp modules in all, you'll have my home theater experience. Once the power issues are handled, the video assists you with connecting your audio input. It is recommended to use a sound system which has an out put specifically for the sub woofer. However, if you don't have this, then the video will instruct you on an alternative method as well.

Car audio at home - DIY - DC power supply PSU w/ xbox 36o brick

Locate the sub woofer positive and negative cables. There are no standards on what color these cables will be, in this case they were brown and black. Note, it is very important you identify these cables before cutting the sound cable. Once you've connected the sound cable you can finish attaching the rest.

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