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The screw that allows the easy takedown, however, is frequently criticized as it disrupts the otherwise clean lines of the rifle. Further, in the event of a malfunction which prevents the breech from closing, takedown becomes impossible until the action can be cleared as the breech must be closed before takedown.

Marlin Golden 39A Deluxe Squirrel Gun

The Model Golden 39A has a solid-top receiver and side ejection, which makes mounting a scope easy. One source claims that the signature gold trigger was discontinued in favor of a blued trigger between and , but at least one "Original Golden 39A" from SN was made with the gold trigger, perhaps as a special order. The Golden 39A has a full length steel tubular magazine under the barrel with a brass inner tube and a hammer block safety.

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Magazine capacity is as follows: Many previous variations of the model are still available from used gun dealers. On March 10, Annie Oakley used a Model to put 25 shots through one jagged hole in 27 seconds at a distance of 36 feet 12 yds or 11 m using 22 short cartridges. On the same day she also produced another jagged one-hole group through the center of an Ace of Hearts playing card, while shooting off-hand.

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The first consisted of 39A rifles in which were offered to the general public with another offered only to their employees. In another run of the special AO guns was made for Davidson's Gallery of Guns again offered to the general public. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

MARLIN Manufacturing DATE CODE

Marlin Model 39A This is a 39A from and thus does not have the cross-hammer safety or golden trigger seen on the current 39A. Murtz, editor, DBI Books. Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. Something I didn't know until just the other day - if your M39 not A has a star stamped on the end of the upper tang, it means the factory gunsmithing inspector determined the rifle to be of higher grade manufacturing than the standard. Also, if the serial has an "S" prefix, you should not shoot high velocity ammo through it.

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Mine, made in , has both. I recently aquired a model, It is my first gun and I don't know what kind of ammunition I should buy for it.

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There seem to be an endless number of choices for. The serial is S and it has a star on it. Any advice would be appreciated. Last edited by KarateFencer; at Originally Posted by kdub. Mine is, old as me and has always been a great shooter. BB code is On.

dating marlin 39a rifles Dating marlin 39a rifles
dating marlin 39a rifles Dating marlin 39a rifles
dating marlin 39a rifles Dating marlin 39a rifles
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dating marlin 39a rifles Dating marlin 39a rifles
dating marlin 39a rifles Dating marlin 39a rifles

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