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One set included finely casted details of grey resin, base is not included. Alll Electronics are Japan model. This is a very rare Promo item given to lucky attendees. No pin holes, no tape residue.

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I do appreciate your understanding. One set included finely casted details of grey resin, brass barrel. I believe one of the shoulder plates came of but can be reattached. Also have for sale rare femshep. Mass Effect Archangel Limited Run lithograph, signed and numbered by the original artist Benjamin Huen out of prints made.

Small wrinkle towards the top of print, picture provided. Comes with high quality, custom-made frame. Please message me with any questions.

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This miniature is 28mm tall — this is classical size for historical and fantasy miniatures. You will receive all accessories shown in the picture.

If no accessories are shown then they are not included. With the design facing down, slowly peel off backing. Position decal on wall. Then you'll fucking pay. That was what was keeping her up at night. Garrus always held a special place in her heart, as a friend.

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When she died—the first time—she felt proud. Proud that she was able to save Joker, and help humanity…blah, blah, blah. Right now she felt anything but content.

Her stomach did somersaults, her heart ached, and her skin itched. For one particular turian. For weeks, she told herself it was puppy love. Something she would get over—really, all she needed was to have some sex. Quick trip to Dark Star Lounge, find a willing partner and that would be that. Except she tried that, got the guy—he was even turian, in case she was just interested in Garrus because of his exotic appeal—and took him to a private room.


She closed her eyes and saw him. God, she desperately wanted to feel him too. Feeling cheated, she quietly told replacement-Garrus that this would be a no-go. Shit, she even teared up. Sticking to self-love, and trying desperately to hide her embarrassing feelings. Until he told her about Sidonis. Someone had hurt him. To his core, and for the first time she felt like that thing Thane called her. What did he say? Yeah, she would help him, and God forgive her, she would enjoy it. But now, as she tried to focus on these never ending mission reports, she wondered if she did the right thing. Fucking Illusive Man and his stupid reports, she thought idly.

And what type of name is Illusive Man? Disgusted, she through the datapad across the room, satisfied at the thump it made against the wall.

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Of course, she thought, where else would he be? Confident he would be there, for like, forever, Shepard jumped in the shower, changed into some casuals and hopped into the elevator. She'd talk to him, and he would soothe her active mind.

He had a knack for that sort of thing, and unfortunately that was one thing that made her absolutely crazy in love with him. Except she wasn't in love with him. When Shepard entered the battery, her heart sped up as she saw him. Silently scolding her body, she walked up silently, looking at the work he was doing at the terminal. Her body volunteered a very sexual reply to that question. Shepard inwardly cringed at the automatic response, trying desperately to remember why she was here. He paused and looked thoughtfully at her, "Yeah, I think so.

I know you would have liked me to spare him, Shepard, but I just couldn't.

ME2: How to Romance Garrus Vakarian

She also congratulated herself on remembering to tell EDI to get the hell out of Citadel space for a while, just in case the Illusive Man couldn't cover up their blatant assassination of Sidonis. Jack's still trying to convince him. Want to come along? Alcohol was like a truth serum for her, so she really shouldn't get drunk in front of the fascinating turian that, unbeknownst to him, held her affection. She really couldn't say no to this man. She would be totally screwed if he found this out. Well, that's what Shepard hoped. Dressed in a small black dress that Kasumi had given her, Shepard felt surprisingly relaxed.

It's been a long time since she actually had a drink. But she wouldn't get shit-faced, not with Garrus around.

Garrus Vakarian

Who knew what she might "confess" to him. Garrus showed up at the airlock first, which wasn't a surprise. He looked good in casuals. Oh, god, this was going to be a long night. For the evening she finally let her ebony hair down out of its efficient bun. It fell past her shoulders, framing her slightly tan face. She actually had put on make-up, so that was probably what was so different.

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