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The Backseat Episode 1: Dating |

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The Backseat #2: Style or Substance

Meeting new people and going on dates is exhausting and my time is limited so now I like to prioritize meeting my readers. I also really want to help men and women see that this is really rough on both genders and that we just should be as kind to each other as possible! Ahem, you have some room for improvement there as I can see in how you address me If you want me to continue to respond to your comments, try using a nicer, less presumptive, judgmental and aggressive tone.

Let's be nice to each other? Your writings show spark manifests quickly, and sex occurs within three dates. I call you manipulative because you compartmentalize your love life. But you withhold sex from older guys. Men can feel this without reading your blog. You suddenly expect men to court you in your forties. Quality men can get their interest quickly appreciated and reciprocated by younger women.

That is why you struggle to get past a third date. KL, every comment you make requires me to write an answer that could be a blog post in itself. For your first paragraph, ugh, I am just tired already of this conversation. If you are local and want to meet me, I'd be happy to discuss my logic in person. For your second paragraph that I "suddenly" expect men to "court" me in my forties? I don't know what you mean by suddenly and I don't know what you mean by court.

But either way, I am pretty sure you are wrong on both counts. You are definitely correct about men being more interested in younger woman. You should read my book, you would definitely have more of the picture if you did. As far as me struggling to get past a 3rd date, the struggle is finding someone I want to go on a fourth date with, not the other way around. You waste men's time when you rarely feel spark.

You wanted to string along and "Mr. Fake Thank You" on more dates as long as they paid for public entertainment. You just wrote that women should pay after the first couple dates, but you barely do third or fourth dates. It appears shallow, narcissistic, and opportunistic. My opinion would improve if your Tinder profile honestly said "Professional dater seeks hook-ups with younger men". It was certainly not my intention to be single in my forties.

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  • How am I wasting their time? How am I supposed to know if I have a spark or not before I meet them? I wanted to string along and Mr. That is stringing along? First date with — I had a glass of water. Second date with — I had a glass of water and we split an appetizer. First date with Mr. Fake Thank You — ice cream. Second date — a walk. Wow, I sure am taking advantage of men. I wrote that women should pay after the first couple of dates?

    Where exactly did I write that? I said that the man should choose the activity which he can afford and that personally, for me, I prefer when that activity is free!!! And I said it should there should be reciprocation after that! You miss the whole entire point of my blog and I am tired of you. If you want me to respond again, be nice to me.

    Otherwise feel free to leave me alone. I'm glad you are no longer desperate, and have become more selective.

    The Backseat Episode 1: Dating

    This article is a good step towards acknowledging your choices to date people with whom you are unlikely to form long-term relationships. Those choices have not made you happy. It is unusual that you can no longer find spark with age-compatible men. It is terrible to settle for a relationship without spark. But the sad alternative is a lonely deteriorating series of transient hook-ups. I even made charts to share with you!

    I kept track because I just wanted to know quantities. I don't really believe you can analyze the unique manifestation of the venerated je ne sais quoi. It confuses me when people think that these conversion rates are so bad because I am doing something "wrong. Conversion rate to boyfriend: It either is there or it isn't: What is the Spark Rate?

    To put it simply, that is the rate at which you meet someone who makes you want to stop swiping. So, if you have found someone you spark with, be extra nice to them and don't forget how statistically lucky you are! Second of all, read my book. Here is the age breakdown of the men I have gone out with over the last three years starting when I was If you look at the numbers, I have actually gone out with an almost equal amount of men who were Pretty Realistic as I have with Totally Unrealistic.

    When people project onto me and say, "Stop going out with guys who are too young for you!

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